Do You Want to Increase Your Knowledge in Math?

Math as a subject is taught in schools and colleges, but most students find it boring. But little do they know that they can make it interesting with the help of the Indian science channel.

Indian Science Channel

The decimal number system used by the world is one of the many important contributions made by Indian mathematics that emerged in the subcontinent from roughly 1200 BC until the end of the eighteenth century. It was a classic period that saw many scholars including Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Bhaskara II, and Varahamihira.

Math is an interesting subject being taught in schools and colleges. Also, students with little interest in the subject can make it interesting with quizzes and games. And you don’t have to even step out of your home or miss tuition classes to take part in a quiz. You can easily solve quizzes on your mobile. And you will simply love solving math quizzes as they are made by eminent educationists.

Visit Indian science channel, the OTT platform developed for education on math and science. It is a free channel available on the web and satellite television service providers. The advantage of this channel is that it works like a video-book where you will find numerous videos on math and everything that is in any way related to the subject. Check this channel for once before making an opinion on it.

Here you will find a video on every branch of math including geometry, algebra, probability, infinity, number sense, topology, and the relation of math with other subjects like biology. Also, you can choose a language of your choice like Hindi and English. Since it is a bilingual channel, you can choose the language that you are comfortable with.

This OTT platform is like a university. Here you will meet Indian mathematicians working with different educational institutions. You will see them discussing important concepts of math. Also, they make quizzes for kids and college students. They have many things to share and they share their learning experience through videos.

Students have many queries about math. They want to know about its origin and get tips to make calculations simple. While there are many math books but when it comes to education, it is videos that work well. A video is like an online class where teachers use everything from blackboard to graphics to describe concepts.

You will have an eminent Indian math scientist from a renowned institution for learning, simplifying concepts through videos. Also, you will be allowed to connect to the educationist through online feedback. For example, the teacher in the video will ask a question and viewers will be provided a link to register their answers.

This channel has answers to all questions related to math. It is like an encyclopedia, where you can get answers to all your queries and doubts about the subject. Also, you can share the videos with your friends and in this way help your friends. You can do well in math and this channel will encourage you to do your best.

You don’t have to worry about sparing time from your busy study schedule for watching videos as you can watch videos on your mobile in your free time. Through videos, you will learn about Indian scientific inventions and other important things that you usually don’t find in books. In this way, you can stay ahead in your class and competition.

It is a futuristic channel that can help in your studies, competition, and building IQ. Whether your objective is to achieve high grades in school, or you are preparing for competitive exams, or you simply want to learn tricks of math, you will find this OTT platform quite useful for your needs. And since it is free, you don’t have to worry about spending even a single penny to watch the videos.

Find here all the articles on science and technology, Indian scientific inventions, & many more. India Science is a web-based science OTT TV Channel.

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